Discussion: Physical activity in the 21st century

10/25/2018. At the Faculty of Sports, the first scientific-expert panel was held under the slogan “Physical Activity in the 21st Century”.

Dean of the Faculty prof. Dr Ivanka Gajić greeted the participants of the panel and thanked the Association and lecturers for their contribution, emphasizing the importance of such gatherings.

In the introductory speech, the president of the association “We live healthier”, Bata Djordjevic explained the program orientation of the Association and thanked the dean of prof. Dr. Ivanka Gajic for the beginning of long-term cooperation.

The lectures were attended by 7 eminent experts in the field of medicine, sociology, physical culture, communication, social-gerontology and dance inclusion In front of 150 students of sports gymnasiums and faculty students, professors and other public figures. Prof. Dr. Radosav Dragojević, prof. Dr. Žarko Pavićević, prof. Dr. Žarko Koprivica, Ph.D. Katarina Jonev, prof. dr Višeslav Krsmanović, prof. Dr Dragana Dinic and Miodrag Kastratovic.

One of the conclusions is to continue with educational programs. A protocol on cooperation will be signed. In the absence of time, students prepared questions to be sent to the lecturers.

The main conclusion is that the fight against modern diseases: hypokinesia, diabetes 2, obesity, arteriosclerosis, neurosis, depression, alienation must take place through the programs of “production of health”.

Today, the most vulnerable categories are children and young people, as well as the oldest population. Therefore, it is necessary to develop and apply year-round programs based on the development of aerobic abilities, in order to replace physical activity with treatment and drugs.

The organizing committee of the association “We live healthier” and the Faculty of Sports “Nikola Tesla”.

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