On the initiative of the Youth Sports Foundation, the European Institute of Sport, the House of Achievements and the Gerontology Society of Serbia. On September 3rd, 2018, the Association of Citizens “LIVING HEALTH” was established in Belgrade, which gathers around 80 different institutions and individuals.

The main purpose and goal of establishing the Association is the need to improve the quality of life of our citizens because the official data of the World Health Organization is alarming. Serbia is in the first place in the number of patients suffering from various cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, and the third after the death of these diseases.

Experts believe that the number of patients will be drastically reduced by the change in the way of life of our citizens, and this refers to healthier diet, smoking cessation and regular physical activity.

Contemporary civilization, which is present in our environment, through impressive material advances, especially technical and informatics, has at the same time directly threatened the spiritual, cultural and physical status of children and young people, and influenced their development, functional motor survival, and psychosocial status middle age and the health condition of our oldest fellow citizens. There is a need for synergy between science and sport.

Unfortunately, we live in a time of general destruction of the health of all generations and that is why this group of inventive people gathered in order to contribute to changing the direction of society from the consumer to the production strategy. The intention and basic idea of ​​the “LIVING HEALTH” association is that we all live healthier and longer, to be happier and to improve the quality of life, to produce HEALTH of the population in the broadest sense of the word.

Our engagement will be directed towards a complete population that we have divided into 6 categories. Of course, in the foreground we are children up to 14 years old and persons of the third age.

All of us in the association “LIVING HEALTH” for many years (and institutions and individuals), everyone in our specialty, have been present for decades in Serbia and abroad, through various programs and projects, and we have made a significant contribution to the development of physical culture and health.

Our ambitions are directed towards PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS which will further influence the awareness raising of the whole nation and the increase in the number of people of all generations and persons with special needs who will be involved in the WORLD PROGRAM dealing with physical activities.

We expect great help from the media because we are aware that we will be able to animate and gather as many of our citizens as possible in this way. The fact that more than 94% of children have problems with curved spine or flat soles, and that in 2025 in Serbia more than 3.7 million obese people will commit ourselves to seriously caught up with this serious problem.

The association plans to continuously organize: TRIBUNES, CONFERENCES, USMEN NEWS, EDUCATIVE EMISSIONS, CONSULTATIONS, SEMINARS, INSTRUCTIONS, STAMPING, CAMPS, WORKSHOPS, ENTERPRISE SHARES, PUBLISHING ACTIVITY, etc. The individual programs of our members will continue to be their activity, but we will jointly activities all that, raise to a much higher level.